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Consequences of Missing Teeth

Consequences of Missing Teeth

Experiencing tooth loss is definitely not the most pleasant scenario. Such simple tasks as biting an apple or smiling for a selfie can cause distress and discomfort due to missing teeth problems.

However, there are more unpleasant long-term consequences that tooth loss can cause and lead to changes in the overall look of the face.

Loss of teeth causes:

1. Skin and lips to cave in
2. Wrinkles
3. Droopy cheeks
4. Face deformation
5. Tooth bone shrinkage

Bone will naturally shrink over time in the area of the jaw where teeth are missing. If a person is without teeth for a long period of time, the face structure begins to lose its’ shape.

Tooth loss also causes improper bite force distribution, meaning that the remaining teeth have to do more work, which can negatively impact their health as well.

No need to panic - there is a great solution for missing teeth!
Missing Teeth Treatment Options

The best option for tooth loss treatment are dental implants. They are considered a better alternative to regular dentures thanks to their natural look, comfortability and durability and at our clinics we offer a FREE dental implant consultation which you can book today!