How it Works – Travel And Smile
For Implant Case

The First Appointment

  • Phone Call Consultation

    Rough estimation of the cost
  • Reserve Flight Dates

    for The First Free Appointment
  • Reception at the Airport

    from our Team, and Hotel Delivery
  • Pick Up from the Hotel

  • Examination & Diagnosis

    - 3D computed tomography / X-ray(2-5 seconds)
    - Discussion, education & planning of treatment with the doctor
    - Smile Design, -70% low dose x ray, world class standard
  • Shooting

    Before / after photos for smile design
  • Start of treatment

    on the same day or the next day

    - If necessary, tooth extraction and subsequent immediate implantation and same day or next day placement of the temporary prosthetic
  • Discussion of
    the next appointment

    after 5-6 months of healing
  • Transfer back to the hotel or in the airport

The 2nd Appointment

after 4-6 months of healing
Average duration of treatment second appointment: 3-4 hours
  • Pick Up at the Hotel

  • Investigation and discussion

    of the healing of the implant in the jawbone
  • Taking of the Impression
    with Panoramic 3D Scan of the jaw

  • Discussion

    of the desired tooth shade using the Vita color scale
  • Planning

    the next appointment the next day
  • Transfer back
    to the hotel

The 3rd Appointment

next day
Average treatment time, third appointment: 1-2 hours
  • Pick up from the hotel

  • First sample

    of the prosthetic abutment (dental crown / dental bridge)
  • Planning

    the next appointment in 2-3 days
  • Transfer back to the hotel

The 4th Appointment

after 2-3 days
Average treatment time Fourth appointment: 2-3 hours
  • Pick up from the hotel

  • Attachment of the prosthetic

    abutment (dental crown / dental bridge)
  • Shooting

    before / after photos of the treatment
  • Termination of the treatment

    Transfer back to the hotel
The implant treatment is generally carried out in 4 stages. However, all treatments are planned individually, so treatment time may vary depending on the type of treatment.
The transfer between hotel and clinic is organized by Travel And Smile for you free of charge.
We want your treatment to be comfortable and stress-free.


If you would like to do the whole procedure faster, we have the VIP ultra fast option. You can finish all your treatment in only 2 days, by purchasing the VIP package for an extra £300