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Multiple Dental Implants

Replacement For Several Damaged Or Missing Teeth

There are several options how you can restore multiple missing or damaged teeth, but none come close to having the same benefits of teeth implants. Thanks to the advancements in dental technology, teeth implants are widely considered as the best solution for the restoration of any number of damaged or missing teeth. Not only do dental implants have the cosmetic benefit of having a natural look, they also are much more durable and comfortable than any other form of restorative dentistry.

Implant Supported Bridge

When it comes to replacing several missing or damaged teeth, a dental treatment method known as Implant Supported Bridge can be use used. This treatment method is used when a patient is missing several teeth on one side that requires several dental crowns to be placed. Using multiple teeth implants as the anchors of the dental bridge, several dental crowns can be placed into the patient’s mouth.

As an example, you can see in the image, that 2 dental implants can hold 3 dental crowns together on one dental bridge. When it comes to the cost of teeth implant bridges, they are often considered as a much more affordable option for restoring several damaged or missing teeth.

Affordable Teeth Implants In London

Teeth implants are the best choice for restorative dentistry and a great investment in your well-being. We take pride in providing high quality dental implant treatment at affordable prices in comparison to the average within the UK. Our convenient financing options will help you cover the costs of teeth implants. To find out more visit our pricing page and our finance page or contact us directly.
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